Coach Shangrila Rendon
/// From Medical Engineering to Triathlon Engineering—And Why That Matters 📊

Before diving into the triathlon world, I spent 15 successful years as a medical device engineer. 

Why does that matter to you? Because my love for problem-solving, thinking out of the box, numbers, and data didn't stay in the lab—it’s integral to how I approach coaching. I left my thriving engineering career because I found something that allows me to use my analytical skills & passion to help people with a deep personal mission:  transform busy high achieving individuals' lives to be the best person they can be through triathlon & endurance sports while staying injury free. 

///  A Bit About Me and Why It Matters to You 

I've navigated through some heavy stuff—battles with depression, PTSD, alcohol addiction, eating disorder, abuse and years of struggles that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But here's the transformative part: I discovered triathlon & endurance sports. They weren't just races; they were my lifeline.

Now, with the experience of having been recognized as a 2x Triathlon Guinness World Records Holder (2020 & 2015), Best-Selling Author, becoming a Boston Marathon Qualifier, Ultraman & Ironman World Championship Kona Finisher, Ultra Athlete and High Performance Triathlon & Endurance Coach, my mission is to guide people like you through your own transformative experiences.

///  Why I Founded Feisty Fox Coaching 🦊

Our coaching isn't about turning you into a machine that only knows how to race. It's about making you the best version of yourself, on and off the course. 

It's about smart, focused training that respects your time and your body. You're here to be incredible, but you also want a life outside the track, right?

We help athletes to have an amazingenjoyable & memorable training & racing experience.  I use the same analytical thinking from my engineering days and my strong drive that led me to be recognized with 2x Guinness World Records, in designing a game plan where your biggest dream goals become possible regardless of your current challenges. 
///  The 5 Pillar Method—It’s Comprehensive 🌱

We take a holistic approach. We address: (1) Training, (2) Nutrition, (3) Body Maintenance, (4) Mental Fitness, and (5) Race Strategy.

We've got a fantastic team, from a registered dietician to a physical therapist and sports performance psychologist, who work in harmony to help you excel. We're solving the entire equation for you.

///  What You Can Expect

Our athletes aren't just surviving races—they're setting personal bests and actually enjoying the process.

They're taking on top-tier races and coming out strong, without burning out, sacrificing their well-being, or their relationships.

///  Our deeper mission is about empowerment. 

Our mission isn't just about turning out great athletes; it's about empowering people to overcome and transform. Because, life gains a new level of beauty when you face challenges, emerge stronger and be the best you can be.

///  Want to Chat? 📞

Interested in seeing if this could work for you? No hard sell, just a casual conversation.

Reserve 15-min spot to talk to us and let's see if we can help you.  
Coach Shangrila's 2nd Guinness World Record (2020) was earned for completing the most 140.6-mile (full Ironman) triathlon distances in one year (female). 

Shangrila completed 23 full Ironman triathlon distances in 34 days (55 miles swim, 2500 miles cycling, 600 miles run). Nine (9) of those were under 14 hours. Fastest time for this record was 13:10:24 (During her 20th Ironman).
From being afraid of water (especially OWS) to completing 6.2 miles in Ultraman World Championship in Kona
From not knowing how to clip and unclip on her bike to being one of the first two women to participate in Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Race going from Moscow to East Asia. 
Beyond Myself Project (October 30 - December 2, 2020) 
Athletic project to inspire and empower people in a time when inspiration and hope was hard to come by. During this project, Shangrila broke her 2nd Guinness World Record
Best-selling author 
Million Dollar Story book - Volume II
Biggest Wins:
  • ​Guinness World Record (2020) for the most 140.6-mile (full Ironman) triathlon distances completed in one year (female). Shangrila completed 23 full Ironman triathlon distances in 34 days (55 miles swim, 2500 miles cycling, 600 miles run). Nine (9) of those were under 14 hours. Fastest time for this record was 13:10:24 (During her 20th Ironman).
  • ​Guinness World Record (2015) as the fastest female to complete five Ironman distance races in five consecutive days
  • One of the first two women to ​race Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme in Russia 2017
  • The first Filipino athlete (male or female) to finish an Ultraman race (6.2-mile swim, 261.4-mile bike, 52.4-mile run). Placed 3rd female overall Ultraman Florida 2016
  • Completed eight Ironman distance races in eight consecutive days in Switzerland 2016 
  • ​2016 Uberman Relay Champion & Course Record
  • ​Qualified and participated in the Ultraman World Championship in Kona 2018
  • ​2015 IUTA World Cup Winner - 1st Female 21-39 age group and 2nd Female Overall
Coach Shangrila Rendon has been featured in:
NBC News featuring Shangrila's inspirational project and 2nd Guinness World record attempt. 
Video of how Shangrila transformed herself from a non-athlete who was abuse as a child to a Guinness World Record Holder as fastest female to complete 5 Ironman in 5 Consecutive days (2015). (3.1K views)
Shangrila's 18-Day Cycling Across America (California to Georgia) Adventure 2020
One of the first females to participate as a solo cyclist in Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme race 2017 (1.2K views)
How Shangrila helped her athlete Hendrick Qualify for Boston Marathon & Finish his 1st Ironman with only 5 Months Training
Shangrila actively supports non-profit organizations for abused children.
In KCAL news
in CBS News
Hungry 4 Hope: Ep. 18 - Be Your Best, with Shangrila Rendon
The Ultra Cycling Show: Ep. 21, Ultra Woman, Feisty Fox (World Records & More)
Meet the team
These are the people that together with coach Shangrila and Vineta make the magic happen.
We have put together an exceptional team of coaches who genuinely love the sport and care about helping you unleash your best. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned competitor, our team is here to fuel your dreams and provide the unwavering tailored support you deserve.
Triathlon & Endurance coaches
Coach Jeffrey Thompson

Coach Jeffrey from Georgia is a certified USAT & USTF coach, a dad, husband and former naval flight officer. He is a multi-70.3 World Championship Qualified Athlete and an All World Athlete (AWA). 

His Full IM PR is 10h 05min, a 70.3 PR of 4h 32min and an Oly PR of 2h 8min. He won 1st in his AG in IM Chattanooga 2022, qualified for Boston marathon in 2023 with time of 3:24:24. His half marathon PR is 1:32:22. 
Coach Claudia Flynn

Coach Claudia from San Diego is a multi-Ironman finisher, Double Century cyclist, ultra runner, Ultraman & 2x IRONMAN World Championship Kona finisher and All World Athlete (AWA).
Team of Experts
Physical Therapist and Run & Cycling Technique Analyst Michele, DPT

Dr. Michele is a Physical Therapist, board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist, running and cycling technique analyst with a passion for sports and rehabilitation.
Registered Dietician Jeff, RD

Jeff Rothschild is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science and a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He works with Olympians, world champions, and elite triathletes as well as people trying to complete their first triathlon, feel better, improve their energy levels, and learn how they should be eating to achieve their goals. 

Jeff’s PhD research looked at periodization of carbohydrate availability for endurance training with a focus on pre-training intake.
Yoga Instructor Mary

Mary is a yoga teacher, athlete and adventurer. Her expertise is in power, hot power fusion, yin, and accessible yoga. As a 3x half Ironman and 3x marathon finisher, she knows exactly which areas to focus on.
Sports Performance Psychologist & Yoga instructor Brendan, EdD

Brendan is a Doctor of sport and performance psychology, teacher, researcher, writer, and yoga instructor. 

As a doctor of sport and performance psychology, his work focuses on optimizing individual and group performance through research-based psychological frameworks, interventions, and skills. 
Swim Coach & Strength Trainer Jen

Jen is a 4 time Junior Olympic Medalist, a swim coach, a competitive master swimmer, and a professional massage therapist.
Strength Trainer Leo

LEO is a Veteran, Dad, Husband, Masters in Kinesiology, NASM Certified Strength Trainer and a 2x Ironman finisher.
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