Shangrila Rendon
> 2x Guinness World Record Holder (2020 & 2015)
> Founder of Feisty Fox Coaching
> Triathlon/Endurance Coach 
> Pro Ultra Triathlete
> Best-selling author
Shangrila Rendon is recognized as the authority on how to win triathlon and endurance races without putting yourself at high risk of injury.

She is a 2x Guinness World Record Holder (2020 & 2015), Triathlon Performance Coach, Best Selling Author, Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker and Professional Endurance Athlete.

She coaches busy high achievers at all levels from beginner to winning local races, as well as qualifying for top races, specifically Boston Marathon, Abbott World Marathon Majors, IRONMAN World Championship Kona, Ultraman, USA Triathlon Sprint & Olympic National Championships, multi-day triathlons and ultra cycling/running races
Shangrila had a horrible past—she was sexually abused for 14 years as a child and was sexually assaulted at 24. She considered herself a living dead and was hopeless. She lost trust and hated everyone, including her loved ones. She was diagnosed with extreme depression, PTSD, and struggled with eating disorder for 10 years. She was also abusing alcohol; she didn’t care about her life, health, finances, or safety. She used all of these to numb herself from the painful emotions and flashbacks that she wanted to escape from. That was her rock bottom.

She discovered triathlon and used it as a fuel to change and move forward from her past. She was a non-runner, non-cyclist, and non-swimmer at 24 yet she became an inspirational athlete regardless. She trained hard, mastered it and aimed high.

She became:
  • Guinness World Record Holder (2020) for the most 140.6-mile (full Ironman) triathlon distances completed in one year (female). Shangrila completed 23 full Ironman triathlon distances in 34 days (55 miles swim, 2500 miles cycling, 600 miles run). Nine (9) of those were under 14 hours. Fastest time for this record was 13:10:24 (During her 20th Ironman).
  • ​Guinness World Record Holder (2015) as the fastest female to complete five Ironman distance races in five consecutive days
  • One of the first two women to ​race Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme in Russia 2017
  • The first Filipino athlete (male or female) to finish an Ultraman race (6.2-mile swim, 261.4-mile bike, 52.4-mile run). Placed 3rd female overall Ultraman Florida 2016
  • Completed eight Ironman distance races in eight consecutive days in Switzerland 2016 
  • ​2016 Uberman Relay Champion & Course Record
  • ​Qualified and participated in the Ultraman World Championship in Kona 2018
  • ​2015 IUTA World Cup Winner - 1st Female 21-39 age group and 2nd Female Overall
To help others reach their ultimate dreams in endurance and triathlon sports, despite struggles or challenges in life, she left a successful 15-year career as a medical device engineer to became a full time result-driven coach. 

She founded Feisty Fox Coaching, that helps busy high achievers from around the world become the best athlete they can be.  

With the help of Feisty Fox Coaching, athletes of every level stop being in survival mode at the race and start feeling strong and having fun! They stop risking their health and putting themselves at high risk of injury during training. They stop settling for average and become their best.  

Coach Shangrila has made impossible things possible.  She is known for achieving results at the fastest pace possible.  

Coach Shangrila's full story of transformation and her formula to success is captured in her #1 Amazon best seller book - Million Dollar Story (Volume II).

Her mission. Shangrila Rendon represents and stands up for the abused women and children everywhere, bringing awareness to their cause, creating inspiration and motivation in those who are too afraid to speak.

Shangrila says: “I want to give hope to other survivors with a similar past that we can all transform our lives to something amazing and that life is (or can be) beautiful. I want to show that dreams do come true even if you don’t believe it at times of unbearable struggle.”

2x Guinness World Record Holder (2020 & 2015). 1st - the fastest female to complete five Ironman distance races in five consecutive days. 2nd - for the most 140.6-mile (full Ironman) triathlon distances completed in one year (female). Shangrila completed 23 full Ironman triathlon distances in 34 days
From being afraid of water (especially ows) to completing 6.2 miles in Ultraman World Championship in Kona
From not knowing how to clip and unclip on her bike to being one of the first two women to participate in Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Race going from Moscow to east asia. 
Beyond Myself Project (October 30 - December 2, 2020) 
Athletic project to inspire and empower people in a time when inspiration and hope was hard to come by. During this project, Shangrila broke her 2nd Guinness World Record
Best-selling author 
Million Dollar Story book - Volume II
Coach Shangrila Rendon has been featured in:
NBC News featuring Shangrila's inspirational project and 2nd Guinness World record attempt. 
Video of how Shangrila transformed herself from a non-athlete who was abuse as a child to a Guinness World Record Holder as fastest female to complete 5 Ironman in 5 Consecutive days (2015). (3.1K views)
Shangrila's 18-Day Cycling Across America (California to Georgia) Adventure 2020
One of the first females to participate as a solo cyclist in Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme race 2017 (1.2K views)
How Shangrila helped her athlete Hendrick Qualify for Boston Marathon & Finish his 1st Ironman with only 5 Months Training
Shangrila actively supports non-profit organizations for abused children.
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