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…you are judged by one, single metric:

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Below you’ll find Feisty Fox Coaching reviews and success stories from our athletes who have crushed their triathlon, endurance and health goals following our strategies. We will let this information stand for itself. And yes folks, results will vary.
How a dad of 4 is winning races and 
training for Ironman
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How Hendrick Qualified for Boston & Finished his 1st Ironman with only 5 Months Training 
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How Gloria finished her 1st Ocean Swim & 1st Sprint Triathlon Races without a Wetsuit and with only 1 month training
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How did 5 triathletes shave off 10-30 seconds per 100 yards of their swim pace without seeing a swim coach in person
Cruz, Rodrigo, Naga, Fanny and Javey
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How Katy Beat her Ironman PR & Placed 11th AG Post ACL & Meniscus Surgery
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How Claudia's Swim Improved by 15% even after shoulder Surgery!
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Cancer survivor Gerry becomes 
an Ironman 70.3 Hawaii Finisher
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Grace's First Full IRONMAN
with 3 months of training!
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72 year old Brian's
Triathlon Journey
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How Dennis went from injury to Ironman Finisher in 8 weeks!
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Joe Becoming A Strong Triathlete
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How Amy became an IRONMAN
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From 4:40:00 to 3:33:30 marathon finish time in 7 weeks! When I didn't think it was humanly possible for me

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Learning how to swim at 46. Finishing his first 70.3 Ironman and his first full Ironman (Santa Rosa) in 7 months, despite working 12-hour night shifts, while successfully losing weight
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From not being able to run without a lot of pain for 1 year and 5 months, because of a shin injury to overcoming all pain and being able to run again after 18 days.

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From being diagnosed with cancer... to deciding to get healthier... to plateauing... to committing to an Ironman... to FINISHING IMAZ despite a crazy schedule and busy home life... to getting to the next level mentally and realizing what I am capable of
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Overcoming the fear of open water swimming, increasing bike speed from 12mph to 18.2 mph and going from being injury prone to placing 2nd in Age group in Lifetime 
Tri Sprint. 
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From injured to injury-free and finishing 
my 1st-full marathon with a 4:47:17 time 
with 5 weeks of training. 
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What Others Think About Our Coaching Programs
What Others Think About Our 30-Day Swim Bootcamp
Eliminated all pain from her injuries, finished her first Ironman in 13 hours
Before starting, Claudia struggled with:
  •  Physical challenges: several injuries causing shoulder pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis and knee pain. This prevented Claudia from doing back-to-back workouts because it would hurt too much. Official diagnosis - chronic patello-femoral maltracking, chronic rotator cuff impingement, lower back pain, tight hip flexors and plantar fasciitis.
  • ​Not knowing how to to become faster, without pain or further injury 
  • ​Not knowing to how to prepare correctly to avoid bonking, throwing up, taking care of stiff muscles and how to develop the right mindset 
Coach Shangrila helped her with: 
  •  Created a structured custom training plan  
  • ​Addressing the physical challenges directly by finding the root causes and strengthening the weak points
  • ​Motivate, push, inspire and give tools necessary to prepare and do really well in her races 
Claudia's results:
  • Is pain free and able to do back-to-back workouts/races anytime she wants to  
  • Placed 3rd in her age group at Bonelli Olympic distance triathlon
  • Placed 16th in her age group in Carlsbad half marathon with lots of rolling hills
  • Finished Ironman New Zealand in 13 hours
"I want to really express how thankful I am for finding such a committed coach like Shangrila. Thank you for your guidance and having me as your student. You are very invested in my success, and again, I’m grateful! 

I’d been looking into the Ultraman race for a while now. I signed up and submitted my application, but wasn’t sure I’d get in. When I did, I was thinking, “Crap, I got in!” :) … Holy Crap, I got in.” Haha

I appreciate what Shangrila’s helped me achieve, and as always, I appreciate the tough training and continued support :) :) :)"

Went from finishing one 70.3 race to qualifying and racing a sub-30 hr Ultraman race within 2 years
Before starting, Claudia struggled with:
  • ​Didn't know how to qualify for and race his dream race - Ultraman (40 athletes race by invitation only) (3-day endurance event consisting of 6.2 miles swim + 263 miles bike + 52.4 miles run with cut off time of 12 hours each day)
  • ​​Physical challenges: his groin was badly injured. 
  • ​Not knowing how to train to become faster, while not getting injured
  • ​Not knowing about nutrition, recovery and how to become a mentally strong athlete 
Coach Shangrila helped him with: 
  • Created a structured custom training plan, that built Luigi's race portfolio in a way that would get him to qualify for Ultraman Florida race
  • ​Addressing previous injuries, strengthening the weak points and building speed and endurance consistently
  • ​​Motivate, push and give mental tools necessary to prepare and finish difficult races
Luigi's results:
  • ​Finished Oceanside with a sub-6h time
  •  Finished his 1st Ironman in Chattanooga - sub-14h (2016)
  •  Finished his 2nd Ironman in Arizona 11:37:44 (2016)
  •  First double century ride Dead Winter 200 (2016)
  •  Finished Nanny Goat 80 miler (2017)
  • ​Qualified for Ultraman
  •  Finished Ironman Santa Rosa with a sub-13h time
  •  Finished a 100 mile run
Qualified for Boston marathon, Chicago and more
Before starting, Julie struggled with: 
  •  Limited time availability - balancing full-time work with high amounts of traveling, and being a wife
  •  Not knowing how to train to become faster. She was at 8:30 min/mile when doing a full marathon, before coaching. 
  •  Not knowing about nutrition, recovery and how to become a mentally strong athlete 
Coach Shangrila helped her by: 
  •  Creating a structured custom training plan, that used Julie's limited time availability effectively
  • ​Training and teaching Julie how to get faster. 
  •  Teaching her how to make sure nutrition is spot on, how to recover after hard workouts and how to push thru when things get difficult  
Julie's results:
  • Qualified for Boston marathon 
  • Qualified for New York marathon 
  • Has gained the confidence, that she can be successful. Is excited to go after bigger and bigger goals and recently decided to try triathlons next. She will be racing 70.3 Santa Rosa in July.
  • Phoenix Marathon Personal Record (PR) - 3:42:01
    8:28 min/mile) February 24, 2018
  • Berlin marathon PR - 3:38:02
    June 16, 2018
  • Chicago marathon PR - 3:30:05 (8:01 min/mile)
    October 7, 2018
  •  Latest full marathon PR - 3:24:20 (7:48 min/mile)
     February, 2019
"I want to thank my coach, Shangrila, who believed in me and pushed the right buttons to keep me going, for the Lord knows how badly I wanted to give up at times. She turned my pessimism into an inspiration & motivation.

When I started this journey on my own a little over 6 months ago, I had two goals; to qualify for the Boston Marathon and to finish a full Ironman race. I had hired another coach before Shangrila, who told me that he had never coached an athlete who started so late to train for his first Ironman and qualify for Boston. Shangrila helped me to make this improbably journey into a possibility and I accomplished both. Thank you again coach :)

Now onto better & bigger goals …"

Finished his first Ironman and qualified for Boston Marathon in 3 months
Before starting, Hendrick struggled with:
  • ​The super tight timeline left till his upcoming race - 3 months left to train. Limited time availability, balancing full-time work, being a father of 3 and a husband
  • ​Two physical challenges: two bulging disks in his spine, that would create sciatica on very long runs; and a torn rotator cuff tendon on his left shoulder.  
  • ​Mentally was not ready. Didn't have the confidence to push thru and keep going, when things got difficult 
Coach Shangrila helped him with: 
  •  Created a structured custom training plan, that used the limited 3-month timeline to the maximum and got him ready for not one, but two back-to-back race goals
  • ​Addressing the physical challenges directly by looking at the root causes and strengthening the weak points in a consistent, effective way 
  • ​Motivate, push and give mental tools necessary to overcome critical moments and prepare for the races 
Hendrick's results:
  •  Qualified for Boston Marathon (LA Marathon, 3h 21minutes)
  • ​ Finished his first Ironman (Santa Rosa, finish time under 15 hours) 
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