For busy triathletes who want an all-in-one triathlon coaching program
A step-by-step skill-based training plan and coaching program to finish strong at your next triathlon race without putting your life on hold or injuring yourself
Train ONLY 8-12 HOURS PER WEEK  |  Do everything right  |  GET A PR  |  HAVE A COACH

Everybody Who Trains Hard Deserves to Have a Spectacular Race Finish Experience

But There’s a Problem…

  • Regular training plans don't work for you because your skills and experience in swimming, cycling and running are not all of the same levels. You have strengths and weaknesses
  • ​Regular training plans don't teach you how to take care of your nutrition, recovery, body maintenance, mental fitness or race strategy
  • ​​You have nobody to go to for answers and solutions that actually work
  • You are too busy to execute long random workouts
  • ​There’s information overload and way too many opposing opinions online
  • ​​What you’ve tried so far isn’t working. You are putting in the hours, but performance results are frustratingly slow
  • By following regular training plans you are still feeling unprepared and worried that you missed something important for race day
Feisty Fox Tribe PLUS offers a proven 5-Step Formula called Feisty Fox Method that will show you how to prepare for your next race and set a Personal Record.

The Feisty Fox Method addresses:
Body Maintenance/Injury Prevention
Mental Fitness
Race strategy
It is the ONLY coaching program that has everything you need all in one place.
You won't find this anywhere else.

Shangrila Rendon is a pro ultra triathlete and Guinness World Record Holder (Fastest Female to complete 5 Ironman in 5 consecutive days, (2015), who personally started from zero experience in triathlon and went after her most scary sports goal despite many obstacles. 

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In the Next 30/60/90 Days, You Will Become the
BEST Athlete You Were Born to Be!

You'll learn by following a skill-based training plan one day at a time. A skill-based training plan considers the athlete's weakest and strongest sport, allowing for more specific training. You will get all your questions answered through a combination of weekly LIVE coaching calls, structured courses, demo videos and by engaging with others.
These skill-based training plans are available now:
  • 30 Day Feisty Fox Triathlon Jumpstart (for athletes starting from zero experience or those who need a push to get back to fitness)
  • ​60 Day Sprint PR
  • ​90 Day Olympic PR 
  • ​90 day Ironman 70.3 (For Athletes who have been training)
  • ​​90 Day Swim Faster (Pre-requisite: 30 Day Swim Bootcamp or by approval)
  • ​60 Day Half Marathon PR 
  • ​90 Day Full Marathon PR 
  • ​6 Month Full IRONMAN - Feisty Fox Strong Finish
  • 60-Day vEveresting (Level: advanced)
  • ​90-Day vEveresting (Level: average)
  • ​60-day increase your FTP 

Supercharge Your Results.
STOP Junk Training, Self-doubt and Disappointment like a BOSS!

Here's What's Included

Access to Skill-Based Training Plans: pre-made, structured day-by-day training plans aimed at helping you get ready for your race within 30/60/90 days ($500 value)
The training plans consider your weakness and strengths. For example, if you are weak in swimming, your training plan will consist of more guidance in swimming. If you are strong on running, then your run workouts will be hard and challenging.

These plans are available now:
  • 30 Day Feisty Fox Triathlon Jumpstart (for athletes starting from zero experience or those who need a push to get back to fitness)
  • ​60 Day Sprint PR
  • ​90 Day Olympic PR
  • ​90 day Ironman 70.3 (For Athletes who have been training)
  • 90 Day Swim Faster [Pre-requisite: 30 Day Swim Bootcamp or by approval]
  • 60 Day Half Marathon PR 
  • ​​90 Day Full Marathon PR 
  • ​60-Day vEveresting (Level: advanced)
  • ​​90-Day vEveresting (Level: average)
  • ​60-day increase your FTP
Note: Upon enrollment & after providing details about your current training level, Coach Shangrila shall evaluate your background, experience and skills. Expect that she may decline your enrollment if the training plan is too aggressive for your current fitness level.
Feisty Fox Triathlon Academy 
- a structured program teaching you everything you need to know about how to successfully Train and Race ($1200 value)
Save you time from researching and reading different sources. Find out how to train and race without getting injured or overtraining. How to take care of your Nutrition. How to execute Body Maintenance so you are minimizing risk of getting hurt. How to plan your Race strategy. How to train your mind... and much more.

The program consists of 5 main modules focusing on:
  • ​Endurance Training
  • ​Nutrition 
  • B​ody Maintenance (Injury prevention, mobility, stretching, rehab, strength, stability)
  • ​Race strategy
  • ​Mental fitness
You can go through it step by step or you can choose the topics you need the most now.
The coaching calls are led by experts. Simple and direct-to-the-point discussions and information aiming to give tested solutions and training tools you can use now.
LIVE weekly Coaching Calls
- learn how to execute your training right and get the personalized help you need when you need it ($1680 value)

Join the Q&A calls with coach Shangrila to ask for advice or help with a specific challenge and get immediate help. Stop second guessing and receive answers to your questions in order to train properly, achieve results fast and stay injury-free. 

Join our Masterclass calls to save your time looking for answers and learn about the proven strategies and methods that work in real life, not in theory.

Join our Mindset calls to train your mind, sharpen your mental fitness, learn what's holding your back, stay motivated and keep yourself positive every week. 

Join the Strength workouts, Yoga classes and Meditation sessions specifically prepared for triathletes.

Access and watch the replays anytime and on any device.

Access to Exclusive Feisty Fox Tribe Facebook group
- get support from experts and the
high-achieving athlete community ($300 value)
Access to group coaching support from Coach Shangrila, Feisty Fox Coaches and Experts (Physical therapy doctor, Medical doctor, Bike expert...). 

Access to a community of other high-achievers just like you to accelerate your results.
Total Original Value: $3,680
Regular Price: $150 / with a 30-day Plan
Early-Bird Price: $97 / with a 30-day Plan

7 day Money Back Guarantee 

Not sure this is right for you? Literally all the risk is on us, so we can deliver you the most value.

Your Plan to Succeed in Your Triathlon Race

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Get access to any of our skill-based training plans + coaching

Follow Your Skill-based Training Plan and Receive Weekly Support

Each day's workouts are packed with specific no-fluff directions you can execute right away

Finish Your Race With a Personal Record (PR)

Thrive on race day by showing up prepared and applying the crucial triathlon skills you have practiced
  • Skill-based Training Plan
  • ​Feisty Fox Triathlon Academy
  • LIVE weekly Coaching Calls
  • ​Access to Feisty Fox Tribe Facebook group
Total Original Value: $3,980
Price: $97 / with a 30-day Plan
Act NOW because you won't see this price after our early-bird period closes. 

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7 day Money Back Guarantee 

Not sure this is right for you? Literally all the risk is on us, so we can deliver you the most value.

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What Feisty Fox Tribe PLUS program is NOT
  • ​ It is NOT for people who are not motivated, who are not gonna show up and do the work. It's not for people who are not sure what race they want to do. It's not for people who are not ready to commit time and energy to their goal.
  • ​It is NOT me promising you a "quick fix" or "magic pill". Anyone who sells you something "Easy" is lying and you should run very far away from them
  • It is NOT a custom training plan or one-on-one coaching (we have those too and they are amazing, but this program offers a more budget-friendly solution).
What Feisty Fox Tribe PLUS program IS
  • ​An all-essentials-included do-it-yourself program of everything you need to get ready for your next race and finish with your best time! It includes all 5 parts of Feisty Fox racing success formula = Training plan + Nutrition + Recovery and Injury prevention + Mental Fitness + Race Strategy. 
  • What is a Skill-based training plan? A Skill-based training plan in a plan that considers the athlete's strongest and weakest sport. What that means is that if you are weak in swimming, your training plan will have beginner level swimming and more swim workouts. If you are strong in running, then your training plan will show more challenging run workouts. This goes the same for bike workouts. 
  • What are the skill-based plan variations available? 1) Strong on Swim + Weak on Running 2) Strong on Bike + Weak on Running 3) Strong on Run + Weak on Swim 4) Strong on Run + Weak on Bike 5) Strong on Bike + Weak on Swim
  • ​How does it work? Once you compete the Feisty Fox Tribe Plus program purchase, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with instructions and steps on how to get you set up and started.
  • Is there a specific start date? No, you can start at any time, depending on when your race is and how much time you have to prepare for it.
  • How do the training plans work? These pre-built training plans were created by Coach Shangrila to help you achieve your goals fast. All plans follow Coach Shangrila's proven race-results formula and are built around one underlying objective - get you to your goal safely, without having you spend a ton of time away from your family. 
  • ​Will Feisty Fox Tribe Plus work for me? If you are someone who is committed to their race goals and expect to put in work to reach them, Feisty Fox Tribe Plus will work for you. If you are currently injured or undergoing medical challenges but still training for your race One-on-One coaching would be more suited for you.
  • What if I can't train on a particular day? It’s great if you can complete 100% of your planned workouts as is, but we understand that it’s not always possible – life is unpredictable. If you can’t train for any reason, don’t worry. You can move your workouts to a different day, join the next weekly live call for advise or post a specific question in the athlete only facebook group.
  • Will I receive feedback on my completed workouts?  No, you will not receive feedbacks on your completed workouts.  However, you could always post questions in Feisty Fox Tribe FB group, send email to or attend our weekly calls to understand your workouts better.  Under Feisty Fox Tribe Plus program, you shall receive coaching support in group setting.  If you would like to receive coach's feedbacks on your completed workouts, we recommend that you consider 1-on-1 coaching instead.
  • How fit do I need to be? Our training plans are built for different levels. You can be a beginner, intermediate, advanced or elite athlete.
  • Will I be able to keep my Training Peaks plan and data after the race? Yes! Your training plan will be set up as a free Basic account in Training Peaks. You can keep and build on top of it for as long as you want to.
  • Is this the same as Feisty Fox One-on-One coaching? No. Becoming a Feisty Fox one-on-one athlete is completely separate from Feisty Fox Tribe Plus program. It offers one-on-one support, training plan adjustments and feedback as you train each week. 
  • What if I want to invite my friends to do the training plan together with me, is there a referral discount? Yes! Athletes who invite 2 friends that end up joining within the next 3 months, will receive a 50% refund of their purchased Feisty Fox Tribe Plus program. For those who invite a total of 5 friends who end up joining within the next 12 months, will receive a 100% refund of one of their purchased Feisty Fox Tribe Plus program enrollment.

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